• 【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
    【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
  • 【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
    【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
  • 【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
    【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
  • 【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
    【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
  • 【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES
    【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES




【ROAM Audio】頸掛式藍牙耳機 ROAM ROPES

  • 內置音訊等化器與擴大器
  • 可搭配ROAM專屬APP做音頻的調整
  • 可以專屬製作屬於自己的EQ並且保存設定
  • 連續使用可達6小時
  • 可設定耳機自動休眠時間以降低耗電量

信用卡 / ATM
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$ 3,990


Is the first Bluetooth headset with built-in equalizer and isocratic phone applications. ROAM® EQ App allows you to adjust your music features to your liking and make you completely immersed in your music world.

ROAM® gives you unlimited access to great music quality

There is no sound in the world that allows all ears to be surrendered, so we are committed to creating your own equivalent, which can "switch" and "enhance" the high frequency low frequency segment, ROAM and other applications can make you (Bass -30Hz; medium bass -230Hz; midrange-910Hz; treble -3KHz; treble-14KHz), pre-amplification gain and DSP (digital signal processing), can enhance the dynamic weight Bass and overall frequency response performance. For the user to bring a new listening experience. Simply install ROAM EQ App in your mobile phone and you will be able to adjust your exclusive sound and adjust your bass, midrange and treble performance according to your preferences and needs. Save your personalized settings, you can share with your friends, you can also choose ROAM ® EQ App for your tuning EQ, suitable for different types of music (jazz, rock, classical, hip-hop, country music, etc.).


In order to make the user more convenient, ROAM battery can be used continuously for up to 6 hours, or you can set the sleep mode in ROAM EQ App (you can set the device to sleep after 2,5,10,20 or 30 minutes) In the use of ROAM headphones, we can make headphones and ornaments into the sleep mode, and therefore can make the battery more durable, or even up to 24 hours or more.

耳機類型 頸掛式藍牙耳機
傳輸類型 藍牙
麥克風 藍牙
頻率響應(Hz) 15 - 20k Hz
靈敏度/感度(dB) 105 dB
導線長(cm) 32.25mm x 56.20mm x 7.9mm
插頭直徑 3.5mm電線
包裝內容物 說明書、保固卡、懸掛式EQ ENGINE®、耳機、micro USB充電線、微型USB至3.5mm電線、四組矽膠耳塞、四組SureFit 耳塞、磁吸式耳機收納袋
保固 1 year
商品重量/容量 23.8g
主商品產地 China
材質 Plastic
成分 Plastic
商品規格說明 充電時間:1.5小時(首次使用建議充足3小時)
系統:10 mm層壓耳機振膜+ 高效率雙音路變換器系統
音頻處理:50 MIPS處理器和24位立體聲ADC / DAC
電池 270mAh / 3.7VDC
頻率範圍:15 - 20k Hz
靈敏度:105 dB
商品尺寸:32.25mm x 56.20mm x 7.9mm
內容物:說明書、保固卡、懸掛式EQ ENGINE®、耳機、micro USB充電線、微型USB至3.5mm電線、四組矽膠耳塞、四組SureFit 耳塞、磁吸式耳機收納袋

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